About Us

Public Foundation CAMP Tabiat

Public Foundation CAMP Tabiat is a branch of public fund CAMP Ala-Too (Kyrgyzstan) in Tajikistan and is located in the town of Khorog - the administrative center of Gorno-Badakhshan. CAMP Tabiat began operations in January of 2013.


Promoting sustainable development of mountainous regions (villages) in Tajikistan through cooperation between partner organizations at the regional and international level.


Making a positive contribution to improving the living standards of the rural population of Tajikistan by supporting sustainable use of natural resources (forests and pastures) and promote sustainable adaptation of these resources to climate change.



    Support for the local population of mountain regions in the field of sustainable forest management and integrated management of natural resources by raising awareness and building the public and stakeholders.
    Development and adaptation of the tools for sustainable use of natural resources, reforestation, and adaptation to climate change, based on an ecosystem approach.
    Development of approaches and technologies for sustainable forest management and integrated land management and distribution.
    Promotion of cooperation of government agencies and users of natural resources, and support for political dialogue between the parties concerned.